Sunday, August 25, 2013

New ebook

I published my first e-book the other day. So, if you have a kindle, iPhone or iPad, you can purchase it for $3:99 at any amazon store. The book is called James Joyce and Zurich's Fair City - And other historical reflections on Switzerland..It collects a number of published and unpublished essays and, as the blurb says "offers a series of anecdotal historical essays that will enhance your stay in Switzerland's beautiful city of Zurich. Stagger in the footsteps of James Joyce, drop in at the zany Cabaret Voltaire, get to grips with the philosophy behind Wagner's operas, discover Zurich's connections with Tom Waits, Thomas Mann, Will Self, Herman Hesse, Empress Sissi and many more.

Get you copy at this link now before it sells out!


  1. I was very interested in James Joyce, not because I love his novels but because it is interesting to see an artist's house and city. And the mark he makes throughout his years there. Now I have examined Trieste, I must have a good look at Zurich :)

    I hope your e-book does very well indeed!
    Thanks for the link

  2. Thanks Hels. Looking forward to reading about your adventures in Trieste.

  3. Hello Paul,
    your book sounds to be very interesting. Compliment for having it written in the first place. I have to admit that I've not dared to tackle James Joyce so far! Best regards. Martina

    1. Thanks you Martina.

      His short stories, Dubliners, are a good place to start.